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177 | Door-to-Door Sales, Personal Development, and Business Success In The Solar Energy Industry with Dakota Malone from Community Solar Authority

📈 From Door-to-Door to Business Success: Starting with no sales experience, I embraced door-to-door sales which taught me foundational entrepreneurial skills, leading to a thriving career in the energy industry.

💪 Embracing Personal Development: Engaging with personal development, like Tony Robbins' methods and NLP, enabled me to apply holistic healing and effective communication skills to sales.

🚀 Advice to Young Entrepreneurs: Trust the process and envision your long-term goals. Base partnerships on aligned values and long-term commitment, essential for sustained growth.

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In this episode 177 of "Failing to Success", Dakota Malone, founder of Community Solar Authority, shares his journey from a humble start in door-to-door sales to building a successful business in the energy industry. He emphasizes the value of foundational skills acquired through direct sales and personal development. Dakota's story resonates with those seeking unconventional routes to success. He advises aspiring entrepreneurs to align with their strengths, have a clear end goal, and nurture partnerships with a long-term perspective.

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00:00:00 Intro

00:00:16 When Dad Tells You "Quit Your Job"

00:01:40 Door to Door Sales

00:06:29 Community Solar Authority

00:08:23 Obstacles on the Path

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