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154 | Zero to $2 Million in 2 Years! Rapid Business Scaling - Team Building - Adding Strategic Value with Christian Smutherman & Chad Kaleky

✅ Rapid scaling demands strategic hiring, focusing on values and skills; refining the interview process improves team quality.

✅ Creating a high-performing team involves aligning with core values; shared language and values ensure a cohesive culture.

✅ Sales as service means providing value and solving problems; understanding customer needs builds trust and authority.

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In this episode 154 of "Failing to Success", Chad Kaleky and Christian Smutherman discuss their techniques for rapidly scaling businesses! Christian shares insights from his business journey, emphasizing the importance of clarifying your offer, developing systems, and nurturing relationships. He discusses challenges faced while scaling and the significance of values in hiring. Christian explains how to foster a high-performing team through shared values and language. He also emphasizes the long-term aspect of business, highlighting the importance of relationships and giving value. The conversation underscores the correlation between sales and service, showcasing the role of authenticity and understanding customer needs in building a successful business.

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00:00:00 Highlights

00:00:12 Intro

00:00:27 Defining Your Business Model

00:02:48 Speed Scaling from Zero to $2 Million

00:05:16 Rapid Hiring

00:06:49 Building Team Culture

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