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Building-integrated PV (BIPV) - Seamlessly integrating solar cells into structures with Bozhidar Draganov from DANBODD

✅ Getting into the solar energy industry early was a challenge, but now there's increased interest and support.

✅ Managing solar projects was a pivotal moment in understanding the complexity of construction and development.

✅ Solar PV (photovoltaic) generates electricity directly from sunlight, and technological advancements will make it more efficient and applicable to various surfaces.

✅ Innovation in the sector includes more efficient PV modules and management tools like cloud-based platforms and AI assistance for feasibility studies.

✅ Building-integrated PV (BIPV) will likely become more common, seamlessly integrating solar cells into structures.

✅ The energy sector offers great opportunities for entrepreneurs with passion, resilience, and skills in design, construction, project development, and component knowledge.

In this episode 124 of "Failing to Success", Bozhidar Draganov, founder of DANBODD, a solar energy consulting firm, shares his journey in the solar industry. Bozhidar's early days in the Eastern European solar market were challenging due to limited awareness and support. However, as the industry gained momentum, he witnessed a significant shift in acceptance and interest. Managing solar projects became a pivotal moment in his career, providing insights into the complexity of construction and development.

Bozhidar explains that solar PV (photovoltaic) involves generating electricity directly from sunlight using PV modules. He envisions advancements in technology, such as more efficient modules and the commercial availability of materials for building-integrated PV (BIPV), allowing solar cells to cover buildings and surfaces without extensive land use. On the management side, he anticipates automation and cloud-based platforms with AI assistance for feasibility studies, streamlining the process of assessing solar energy potential and optimizing investment decisions.

For aspiring entrepreneurs or individuals interested in the energy sector, Bozhidar emphasizes the growing opportunities. He advises leveraging skills in design, layout, construction supervision, project development, and component knowledge to address the industry's demand. Passion, resilience, and specialized expertise are valuable assets in this evolving sector.

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