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184 | M&A Insights: Business Sales, Optimal Timeline, Specialization, Transaction Focused Strategies with Arthur Petropoulos from Hill View Partners

M&A and business sales require thorough preparation of people, process, and product aspects for successful outcomes.

A six-month process streamlines selling a business, offering value-driven solutions within a reasonable timeframe.

Emphasizing congruence and specialization in services accelerates business growth and client referrals.

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In this episode 184 of "Failing to Success", Arthur Petropoulos, the founder of Hill View Partners, shares insights into the world of M&A and business sales. Recounting a humorous story involving an "angry Santa," Arthur highlights the complexities of winding down a shopping mall and underscores the importance of understanding a business's unique strengths and processes. He offers a detailed overview of the steps involved in selling a business, emphasizing the contemplation phase, the significance of product, process, and people evaluation, and the optimal timeline for selling. Arthur's transition from a consulting-centric approach to a transaction-focused business has led to substantial growth, demonstrating the power of specialization and congruence.

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00:00:00 Intro

00:00:19 Angry Santa

00:02:47 How to Sell Your Business

00:05:21 Preparing for the Sale

00:09:34 Timeline to Sell

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