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Virtual Staffing for Optometry? How this Entrepreneur Found a Niche to Create a Passive Income Dream with Ankit Patel from

💡 Relevant Talking Points:

✅ Scaling a business quickly is possible when there's high demand for the service.

✅ Virtual staffing setups are gaining popularity due to the availability of skilled professionals worldwide.

✅ Specialized training is crucial to ensure virtual staff can excel in specific industries like optometry.

✅ Partnering with others and seeking help is key to expanding a business beyond personal limitations.

✅ Designing a business for a passive income lifestyle requires careful planning and validation of feasibility.

✅ Multiple locations can provide economies of scale and enable reduced work hours for business owners.

📝 Episode Summary:

In this episode, Ankit Patel, founder of, discusses his journey from the field of optometry to creating a virtual staffing service. Ankit shares how the demand for centralized phone call handling during the COVID-19 pandemic led him to hire skilled professionals from the Philippines. The company quickly scaled, offering services to other practices as well. Ankit explains the robust staffing process, specialized training, and certification that ensures his team becomes experts in the optometry field. He highlights the pivotal moment of realizing the importance of partnerships and seeking help for business growth. Ankit also shares his experiences and struggles from previous ventures, emphasizing the significance of financial projections and designing businesses for passive income.

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