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💥 The Circular Energy Gap: Repurposing Waste to Combat Climate Change - Super73 E-Bikes to Biofuels with Alix Armour from Metos Energy

✅ Bridging the Circular Energy Gap: Metos Energy focuses on repurposing agricultural waste, such as olive stones and rice husks, as alternatives to coal and charcoal, and feedstocks for biodiesel and sustainable aviation fuel.

✅ Financial Viability and Incentives: Financial incentives and regulations in various countries, like Europe and California, are driving the adoption of alternative biofuels, making them financially viable and encouraging companies to transition from coal.

✅ The Importance of Tangible Commodities: Working with tangible commodities like biomass allows for the development of supply chains and building relationships with suppliers, creating a more sustainable and interconnected system.

✅ Exploring Battery Repurposing: Metos Energy is delving into the repurposing of e-bike batteries and the challenges associated with disassembling, diagnosing, and managing end-of-life lithium-ion batteries, using their network and expertise from the urban mobility space.

✅ Bootstrap and Learning from Mistakes: Super73, Alix Armour's previous business, started with a successful Kickstarter campaign, and lessons learned from a previous company helped with the launch. The experience taught the importance of persistence, community feedback, and building relationships.

✅ Tracing and Reporting Sustainability Data: Metos Energy sees an opportunity to leverage technology for tracing and reporting sustainability data, ensuring compliance with regulations and providing value to clients in terms of transparency and sustainability reporting.

Episode 126 Summary:

In this episode 126 of "Failing to Success", Alix Armour, the co-owner of Metos Energy and Super73 Motor Bikes, discusses bridging the circular energy gap by repurposing agricultural waste as alternatives to coal and charcoal. The financial viability of these biofuels is supported by incentives and regulations in different regions. Metos Energy focuses on tangible commodities, building supply chains and relationships with suppliers, while exploring the repurposing of e-bike batteries. Armour shares her experiences from her previous business, Super73, and emphasizes the importance of persistence, community feedback, and relationship building. Metos Energy aims to leverage technology for tracing and reporting sustainability data, ensuring compliance and adding value to clients.

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00:00:00 Intro

00:01:05 Agricultural Recycling

00:01:56 Financial Viability

00:04:00 E-Bike Battery Recycling

00:05:00 Super73 E-Bikes

00:07:50 Bootstrapping vs Outside Capital

00:09:01 Metos Energy

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