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168 | Startup Success Journey | Bootstrapping Your Business vs. Venture-Backed and Raising Capital with Sharekh Shaikh from CleverX

✅ Making a Bold Startup Decision: Starting a business amidst personal life changes requires courage and timing may never be perfect.

✅ Choosing Accountability: Venture-backed businesses bring external accountability, while bootstrapping provides autonomy but slower scaling.

✅ Investor Relationships Matter: Select investors carefully; their involvement, especially in tough times, reveals their true character.

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In this episode 168 of "Failing to Success", Sharekh Shaikh, founder of CleverX, shares his journey from starting a business while expecting a newborn to building a successful tech-driven market research platform. He emphasizes the significance of being in an environment of creators and builders. The first venture, bootstrapped, taught him accountability. The second, venture-backed, reinforced the value of wise investor choices.

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00:00:18 Startup Story

00:04:03 Bootstrapping vs. Raising Capital

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