• Sam Levine

Top 5 Quarterback In the 2021 NFL Draft

Karl B Deblaker | AP
1. Trevor Lawrence - Clemson

This isn't even a debate at this point, it has been a simple fact for a long time. You look at his athletic traits as a bonus to his supreme arm talent and there is no reason to not slot him in right here.

2. Zach Wilson - BYU

This is another obvious one for me. Athletically gifted is Wilson, able to make crazy accurate throws on the run and at ridiculous arm angles. His pocket navigation and play extension abilities are top notch, truly the best in this entire draft class. Then the pure arm talent to throw with velocity, power and touch with such precision is practically unheard of from a prospect.

3. Justin Fields - OSU

After Wilson it takes a step back for me because I don't think anyone from here on is really NFL ready. Fields struggled reading the blitz and sensing pressure at OSU, his ability to read the defensive backfield was also lacking which is a big issue. However the velocity that the Georgia native gets on his passes is something to marvel at. In the short to mid range he will rocket the pass right in there putting it right on the numbers almost every time. For him I wouldn't say arm strength is an issue because he has no trouble getting it down the field but deep accuracy can be an issue. The simple truth though is Fields brings athletic traits as a runner that are incredibly hard to find, mix that with raw throwing talent and you have one nice developmental QB.

4. Trey Lance - NDSU

I would say that 3 and 4 are pretty much interchangeable. Both Lance and Fields are all about potential, they have shown the ability to become top 10 quarterbacks but doing it consistently is the issue. With the right coach their potential could be tapped into and they will have very successful careers. Where the paths diverge right now is that Fields is a little more NFL ready. Lance still relies on his legs too much, often escaping the pocket before his receivers have had ample time to reach the top of their routes. Lance was also incredibly inconsistent at college, one play he will make a beautiful throw down the seam and the next the ball will be 10 yards out in front and off to the side.

5. Mac Jones - Alabama

Now I'm not buying into any of this Mac Jones hype. There is no way he even comes close to Lance or Fields let alone Wilson. With that said he is a solid player and can be a good quarterback. During his time at Alabama he was more of a game manager or a distributer. He has average arm strength and isn't going to make any wow plays, but he is smart. Jones always knows where all his receivers are on any given play and is calm back in the pocket. His anticipatory throws are very good as well. Jones however falls victim to changing times, he is not a modern day NFL QB as he will never create off script plays for your team. Mobility, play extension and play creation are not arrows in Jones's quiver.