• Chad Davis

2020 NBA Draft: A Losing Lottery Ticket

Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

As expected, the 2020 NBA Draft entailed one of the weakest draft classes in my lifetime. I would expect nothing less from an event occurring in the year 2020. The general consensus among draft experts had the best 3 prospects miles ahead of the rest of the class, who ultimately went chalk in the top 3 picks.


Although there was no clear #1 overall, the Timberwolves elected to go with Anthony Edwards for the 1st pick. He’s athletic with great explosiveness and has the potential to become an elite scorer. His lack of effort and passion for the game while at Georgia is a huge red flag for me, but perhaps not playing for a bad team like Georgia will cure that.

At pick 2, the Warriors selected James Wiseman. Wiseman was my personal favorite prospect of the draft and I love the landing spot for him. The Warriors have lacked a decent center for years, primarily because they never needed one. He’ll bring tremendous length and shot blocking ability and you better believe Steve Kerr will use Steph and Wiseman in the pick and roll like no one’s business.

The Pistons whiffed on all of their free agent signings (because of course they did.) But at pick 7, they drafted Killian Hayes. I look for him to have an immediate impact on a team that lacks pretty much everything. Hayes is your traditional pass-first point guard with great size for the position.

A surprise on draft night was that Tyrese Haliburton fell all the way to the Kings at pick 12. He shot 42% beyond the arc at Iowa State and that can be a really good supplement to De’Aaron Fox. His elite shooting and deep range should translate well to the NBA and increase his playing time.


Patrick Williams went 4th overall to the Bulls. That’s the only good thing I can say about this pick. Dude wasn’t even good enough to start on his team at Florida State. I rest my case.

It wouldn’t be an NBA draft without the Suns doing something completely egregious would it? Well, they did just that by picking Jalen Smith at 10 overall. Smith is simply not a top 10 pick, especially by a team that already rosters DeAndre Ayton. This pick has no value if you ask me.


With the 3rd pick, the Hornets selected LaMelo Ball. I can tell you right now that I want nothing to do with LaVar Ball, especially when I am not even a fan of his son that will be playing. This guy couldn’t guard me out there and also lacks a consistent shot. I also saw too much cherry picking and half-court shots for no reason in his AAU days. With that being said, this pick was still a no-brainer as Ball was clearly the best prospect remaining with star potential as long as he can improve on those issues.