• Alyvia Maynard

The Bachelorette: A Season Recap

Kwaku Alston/ABC via Getty Images

This season of The Bachelorette has been...the most dramatic season ever, as Chris Harrison would say. This time, though, he may actually not be exaggerating. It all started when COVID-19 halted production of the show for months. The pandemic caused the nation to come to a screeching halt as lockdowns and stay-at-home orders were issued across the country. Once it was safe to resume filming, producers had to make some changes. Some casting changes were made and instead of the familiar “bachelor mansion”, Clare Crawley and the cast filmed the show at the La Quinta resort so that COVID-19 guidelines could be followed. Before arriving, each member of the cast was required to quarantine at the resort and test negative for COVID. Every episode would be filmed at the resort, meaning that this cast was unable to travel around the world like in previous seasons. Once everyone was cleared, Clare could finally begin her long awaited journey to find love. At 39 years old, casting Clare as the lead was a bit different compared to usual. Hannah Brown, the franchise’s previous bachelorette, was the youngest ever at 24 years old. Viewers were excited to see what a more mature bachelorette would bring to the table.

“I think I just met my husband” were the exact words that Clare uttered after she met contestant Dale Moss following his limo entrance. Viewers were hesitant to believe that Clare could have fallen this quickly for someone she had just met, but as the season progressed, “The Bachelorette” quickly turned into “The Dale Show”, causing viewers to speculate that the two had some type of communication prior to the show. Group dates became consumed by conversations about Dale, and Clare even somehow (strangely) managed to get a hold of a pair of Dale’s pants (she didn’t even wear these pants…she only sniffed them a lot but that is beside the point). Before filming, Clare was confident that at 39, she knew what she wanted in a partner. So, perhaps she has found just that. While viewers could tell that Clare was ready to call it quits and be with Dale, did Dale feel the same way? Though not as convincing, after a one-on-one date, Dale did profess his love for Clare. He even proposed and the two of them left the La Quinta resort to start their lives together.

After Clare left with Dale, the remaining men were confused and hurt that none of them got a chance with her. They felt, rightfully so, that Clare had wasted their time. They were left wondering “Now what?” Nothing like this had ever happened in franchise history so The Bachelorette producers had to call another audible. Chris Harrison announced to the guys that a new bachelorette would be coming in to take Clare’s spot, and that they could either leave or stay to continue their journey. This new bachelorette turned out to be Tayshia Adams. Tayshia, 30, was known for being a contestant on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor, finishing in the top 3, as well as appearing on Bachelor in Paradise and pursuing a relationship with fan favorite, John Paul Jones. Along with a new bachelorette came four brand new men and some hesitations from the existing contestants. Some of the men were not too sure about trying to get to know a new person after opening up and being rejected by Clare. In the end, all of the men, except for Jason, decided that they could put any feelings for Clare behind them and move on with Tayshia.

Though Tayshia’s journey has just begun to unfold, she has made a few connections so far. Some popular front-runners include Bennett Jordan, Brendan Morais, and Ivan Hall. Brendan and Ivan have already had one-on-one dates with Tayshia and both found to have some things in common with her. Bennett has shined on his group dates and is a Harvard grad who sparked Tayshia’s interest with his quick wit and charm. Some sleepers that are struggling to find the way to Tayshia’s heart include Ed Waisbrot, Noah Erb, and Blake Moynes. Blake seemed a little too hung up on Clare which prevents him from getting to know Tayshia. Noah is a controversial sleeper because, from the viewers’ perspective, he is not a favorite at all. However, Tayshia has already given him a group date rose (for a group date that he was not even on). He is currently being portrayed as the villain, and villains don’t typically advance to the finale on this show. It is only a matter of time before the “cancer of the house” gets eliminated. Ed has been in some hot water lately due to his constant bickering with Chasen, now eliminated. Also, in an effort to win some brownie points, he walked all the way to the opposite end of La Quinta to talk to Tayshia at her house, only to stumble upon Chris Harrison’s house instead. Thankfully, Chris was nice enough to invite him in for some wine at 2 a.m. (another franchise first).

While it is still too early to tell who Tayshia will ultimately end up choosing, this season has definitely been filled with dramatic twists and turns. Tune in Tuesdays at 8pm on ABC to see how the remainder of Tayshia's season plays out.