• Josh DuVall

Super Bowl Preview: The Brady Bunch Series Finale

Tom Brady (Patriots) Super Bowl 53 via The Onion

Super Bowl 55 is right around the corner, and Tom Brady is making his 80th appearance! This season's Super Bowl features some familiar faces, such as the Chief's entire team and none other than Tom Brady.

The Kansas City Chiefs look to win back to back Super Bowls in what could be the start of a new dynasty. Repeating a Super Bowl win is not an easy task. Everyone wants a piece of the champions and will sacrifice a lot to beat them. The Chiefs, however, are not a team that will back down easily, and it's been proven numerous times this season. With a perfect 8-0 record away from home, the Chiefs are well trained when it comes to winning in different environments. A returning offense full of weapons, an improved defense, and a young sniper in Mahomes, it's easy to root for the Chiefs this year. In their regular-season meeting, Mahomes threw for 462 yards! Reminded me a bit of myself out there destroying the other elementary school kids in flag football at recess. The offense comes easy for Kansas City, and the defense is almost looking that way as well. The Buccaneers will have a lot of challenges from start to finish, but Brady has prevailed before, and he may yet again.

Is anybody else having Deja Vu? Something tells me I've seen this before. Oh wait, I'm not having Deja Vu, it's just Tom Brady in the Super Bowl again for the 10th time! Many people thought Brady's journey would come to an end a year ago, but we were all wrong. Brady is back, and this time has a brand new supporting cast. If there's one thing that Brady is good at, it's making big plays in the right moments. The offense isn't what will win the Buccaneers this game. "Defense wins championships", it's what you've heard from every football coach your whole life. In Super Bowl 55, that couldn't be more accurate. This game will ultimately come down to how the Buccaneers defense covers the Chiefs' passing attack. All the pressure is on Carlton Davis. Davis has to do a better job at shutting down Tyreek Hill this time around. Forcing the Chiefs to run the ball is key to stopping them and winning the Super Bowl. I know Brady is up for the challenge, will their defense be?

My Final Prediction:

This game will be a battle of the defenses. With crazy offensive power coming from both teams, I fully expect this to be a high scoring game. In the beginning, I think the Chiefs will come out of the gates scoring fast. The second half will be a different story, Brady will connect with Evans, Godwin, and Gronkowski, leading them in a small comeback. In the end, I think the Chief's offense will be too much for Carlton Davis and the Buccaneers defense to handle, and the Chief's defense will do just enough to squeeze out a Super Bowl victory!

Final Score Prediction:

Chiefs 31 - Buccaneers 28

Kansas City Quarterback Patrick Mahomes lifts the Vince Lombardi Trophy after winning Super Bowl LIV via CNN